Boudoir Designed to

unlocked your inner goddess

Practice Self Love.

Own Your Body.

Be a Bad Ass Babe.

Treat Yo Self.

You're a Magical Unicorn

Let's crush the misconception about boudoir! It isn't just for babes with flat tummies and tight asses and it is not just all about nipples and butt cheeks either. You should feel as beautiful as you look and if you instantly go "ew, nope, not for me" that is okay, but know that boudoir can really be whatever you want it to be! We will stay at whatever level you are most comfortable with, whether that consists of an over-sized sweater or a see-through corset. Basically, I want you to wear whatever make YOU feel sexy!  Making you connect with your body and realize that no matter your shape, size, or height, you are more beautiful than Cinderella!

Let's Make You Sparkle

Practice Self Love.

Own Your Body.

Be a Bad Ass Babe.

Treat Yo Self.

Not only is a boudoir session a way to treat yourself, but it is also a fantastic gift to give to your partner! No one finds you sexier than your lover, so why not share these stunning shots we take with them too! Gifting a boudoir album for the wedding day is a great gift idea for your honey-bunny. It will help get the juices flowing and excitement going before they see you for first look or that walk up the aisle! 

Shhh... It's A Secret

"Long story short, it was exhilarating and empowering to get dolled up for the day and photographed in the sexiest way possible. Both with lingerie and naked I felt 100% secure and comfortable with Nikki and loved that she ensured privacy when choosing the studio and appointment time/day. It's the small details - like that kind of consideration - that makes working with her so pleasant.

During the session, she showed me some of the photos on her camera and I was absolutely blown away. Her eye for lighting/poses/backdrops/props etc. is unparalleled and I cannot express enough how absolutely FREAKING TALENTED she is.

From beginning to end (and even days after) I am on such a high from my wonderful experience with Nikki. She truly understands her clients' wants and needs and nails it every time."
- Natasha

Natasha's Experience

I did a boudoir session...

..... and I hated it!

Let me start by saying that I wholeheartedly love my images! I could not be happier with the way they turned out! But, I hated the way I felt during the whole session. The photographer literally told me "just be sexy"... There was no music, there was no fun to it, and I was scared and so uncomfortable. It was literally the worst experience I have ever had. I wanted to cry and run away into a cave the entire time.

Every single person has something they are self-conscious about, and if they say they don't, they are lying (or have a massive ego or had a way to much plastic surgery and now they look like the doll off of the Saw Movies). I am extremely self-conscious about my weight, and before you roll your eyes and sigh, I hate how skinny I am. Little do people know I suffer from terrible anxiety, and this triggers stomach issues, which causes a spider web of problems. Long story short, I struggle every day.

‚ÄčI want every woman to feel comfortable in their skin and love who they are! I want to help all women understand that no matter what shape you are or whatever your insecurities may be, you are a freaking glorious bad ass unicorn!

I have wanted to offer boudoir sessions for a while now, but it wasn't until my own boudoir experience that I finally understood how I waned to go about my boudoir sessions. I know first and foremost that I do not want other women to feel the way I did, so my sessions are designed to bring you confidence, comfortably, and fun! I wanted to turn my horrible experience into something magical for my babes! So with the boudoir brand officially launched now, every single woman is welcome to become part of the Ultimate Edge Family!

Are you ready to feel comfortable in your own skin?
Are you ready to feel empowered?
Are you ready to unleash your inner goddess?

The Experience

3 hour Studio Rental
Hair and Makeup Included
All Images In Gallery Included
Unlimited Outfits

The Magical Fantasy


*All pricing shown may be subject to Sales Tax in your state. Pricing is not guaranteed and may increase in price without notice.

Extra Hour - $350/ea hr
8x8 Black Linen Album - $600


I will not photoshop someone's appearance to make them look different than they naturally are meaning I will not make you look taller, shorter, thicker or more skinny. The whole point of this session is to empower YOU and to realize you're beautiful the way you are!
I do not shoot erotica, so no shots of the love box, the va-jay-jay, the coochie, the ding-dong, the pecker, the area where the sun don't shine - Capiche?

What does all this include?

The Rules:

I will meticulously edit the images that go inside an album, this includes advanced edits such as removing that tag from your thong outta ya booty crack (yes, this happened to me), blemishes, stray hairs, scratches, red spots, electrical outlets, trash cans, etc.
All other images will be regularly edited meaning I will straighten, crop, lighten, darken, etc. to make the images match my style, but these images will not receive advanced edits.

Image Edits:

The hours included with the studio rental is the total amount of time we are allowed to be on location. Your hair and make-up will be done on location and will be part of the total time. Actual photography time is estimated between 1 to 2 hours.

Total Hours:

Please note that weekdays are the best time to do boudoir sessions! Weekends are rarely available due to weddings, not only for myself but for the hair and makeup artist as well. I recommend to utilize this day by taking a personal day from work, treat yourself to a wonderful experience then spend the rest of the day shopping, binge-watching Netflix, or whatever your heart desires! This session is about you, so make the whole day about you! Winter months are a lot more flexible for weekend availability than Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Hair & Make Up:

Studio rental includes The White Box Studios in Ocean Grove New Jersey. Click on the gallery below to view a sneak peek of the studio! *Southern Room gallery to come soon.

Studio Rental Info:

The White Box Studios 

Ocean Grove, New Jersey

White Box

Southern Box

The 8x8 Black Linen Album - AKA "Little Black Book" - is a 20-page album. You may choose between 20-25 images to go inside your album. Yes, you get to choose the images! The album will showcase your images on e-surface paper with a flush mount center. Each page will only have one to two images maximum as to not make the book look or feel cluttered. This will allow the book to have a sexy feel while elegantly displaying each image. The album cover will come standard in black linen. You may choose to add a personalized touch by adding foil stamping to the front center of the cover. Cover color and material upgrades are available.


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