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These two are finally and officially engaged! I say officially because I did a photoshoot of Cassidy and Joe earlier in the year and blogged it as an engagement session and all their friends and some family started to freak out because they thought Cassidy and Joe were engaged. That was not the case though at that time! You can check out that session HERE. So this is the official, yes they are engaged, blog post!

I asked Cassidy a few months ago to be my models again for a photoshoot in a sunflower field since this is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Cassidy suggested Holland Ridge Farms because they have the best sunflowers! Since having the chance to experience Holland Ridge Farms, I have to agree with Cassidy! Holland Ridge Farms sunflowers stand so tall and actually face the sun, not the ground which is something as a photographer I look for. These make for much better images! At this time, this session was just for a simple modeling photoshoot.

Finally, in early September, Holland Ridge Farms announced when their photography days were going to be. These photography days allowed us to be there later in the day to capture the sunset with the sunflowers. You’ll see soon that the sunset images were just breathtaking and my favorite portraits other than the actual proposal, of course! Cassidy and I finally were able to find a date that worked for us and we chose October 4th! I later found out that this was the same date these two started dating so now October 4th has even more meaning to it!

Cassidy and I have become close friends this year so when Joe told me he was wanting to propose to Cassidy, ecstatic would be an understatement of how I felt! Joe and I met with each other 2 weeks before to figure out a game plan. Normally for proposals, I have to hide in a bush or act as a random bystander and at the right moment start capturing the proposal. But for Cassidy, she knew we were talking pictures so Joe and I struggled to find what would be the signal. After some thought, I finally had it. The Perfect Moment. I would say something along the lines of “oh my gosh this is such a perfect moment!” and that would be his signal to ask. Since I say “perfect” like crazy during a shoot, we figured this wouldn’t throw her off to much! We wanted to make sure we were in a spot that had amazing lighting, which we found! We wanted to start of the shoot to feel like a normal session but we didn’t want to wait to long because we wanted a majority of the session to be about the proposal!

When I gave Joe the signal, he took one giant deep breath before getting down on one knew. Cassidy was flooded with emotions of course, as this has been a long time coming! As you can tell from the images below, these two share such a strong love for one another! I am so honored to have been the one to document this special moment in their lives! Now I am super excited for their wedding!!

Check out the video Jason was able to record of their proposal! The beginning moments were me posing them a few times before giving Joe the signal!

Congratulations Joe and Cassidy!!

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