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I scheduled a Christmas card photoshoot with Michael Hook Photography so that we had some nice images of us. Plus, we literally had no professional image of us together. I wanted the fall look but the way ours and Mikes schedules worked out we were basically in winter by the time we were able to do this photoshoot.

I always told Jason that if he ever proposed he would need to have it photographed! Me being a photographer, of course, I would want photos of that moment! I, however, would not have thought in a million years that he would have asked during this session. The way he talked about marriage made it seem like we still had a few more years to go before he would ask. I was totally wrong!

I Almost Ruined The Proposal!

The session started out with pictures of us and the pups at Batsto Village. I really wanted our whole family for the Christmas card. In the moments right before the image above, I noticed dirt on Jason’s jeans where the dogs jumped on him earlier in the session. As I am trying to wipe away at the dirt on his pants Jason continually told me to just leave it alone, it’s fine! Well, Jason later told me the ring box was in that exact pocket right above where I was “focusing way too hard on the cleaning off the dirt” says Jason!

He told me on the car ride home “I have no idea how you didn’t see the ring box in my pocket. It was clear as day!” I swear I didn’t even notice it, I was way too focused on that dirt spot on his jeans and it showing up in the images!

How He Asked

After we finished up with the pups, we ventured a little further into the park to where the tall grass is. I had never taken images where the tall grassy area is, even with my clients, so this was a must for us to get pictures there.

As we all walked to this area, I couldn’t help be feel super nervous for some reason. I couldn’t figure out why, but I all of a sudden felt anxious and almost sick to my stomach! I tried to brush that feeling aside as much as possible so it wouldn’t show in the images.

*Images by Michael Hook Photography

Mike later told me he kept setting up Jason in nice spots for him to ask, such as the walking shot above. Mike thought Jason was going to ask there but Jason later admitted he was still trying to build up the courage to ask! It was in that spot where I started to feel super nervous and anxious and the only excuse I have for why I felt this way was that I was feeding off of Jason’s nerves!

We finally made it to the grassy area and it wasn’t until a few poses in where he finally got down on one knee! As you can tell in the images below, I kind of freaked out… a little… okay, a lot! I literally did some weird dance moves as he went down on one knee. I have no explanations as to why I did these dance moves either!

*Images by Michael Hook Photography

I am not kidding you when I say that my exact words as he was going down on one knee were “Are you F*%^#*! kidding me?! Are You Serious?!” and I repeated these two phrases about 20 times!

It wasn’t until after we finished the session and were on our way back home when said Jason to me “You know, you never actually answered the questions…”. I was so caught up in the moment I totally forget to answer it properly! It, of course, was a yes but I just didn’t officially say yes until like an hour later!

I have dreamed of this day, as many others have, for so many years! I look back at these images regularly and I am so grateful to have this special moment of our lives documented. I think everyone should have their proposal professionally photographed!

The Details

  • Jason popped the question on November 8th, 2018
  • We will be getting married on February 12th, 2021 in our home town in sunny South Florida
  • Before we get married, we will have been engaged for a little over 2 years/27 months/827 days
  • Image of the ring below! (He did good, so good!)

Helzberg Zac Posen Truly Collection Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

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