In-Home Intimate Boho-Inspired Gender Reveal

Style alert for this in-home gender reveal! Walking into this boho-styled home, I had to take a moment to thank the interior design beauty before me. What a lovely space for a photo shoot. With cream and beige Boho vibes and plenty of natural light, I was in heaven. However, I wasn’t there to shoot the architecture, but something more memorable. It’s time for a gender reveal!

An In-home gender reveal is just so exciting, loving, and inspiring all at the same time. Catalina, her husband, and their adorable toddler were ready to find out the sex of the baby on the way. After an intimate picnic set up, complete with a rustic basket, flowers, candles, cookies, and the ultrasound, it was time to find out the big news. Furthermore, the main feature was a gorgeous cake with a boy or girl cake topper, although their pup tried to steal the show. Mama set all of this up too! I actually just captured a cake-cutting gender reveal at a wedding!

In-Home Gender Reveals It’s A…

Everyone gathered around and started to smash the cake to find out what color was inside. It’s a boy! A baby brother was on the way, and everyone was over the moon with delight. Capturing this wow moment that is life-changing is always a joy for me. Finding out the baby’s gender makes it real for everyone, and you can feel the excitement in the air.

After cleaning up the cake, we had a family photo session in the living room. After a quick remodel moving the picnic set up, we jumped right into photos. This family is gorgeous, with a loving connection that ensures everyone is blessed with hugs, warm words, and kisses. The images are natural, authentic, and a little bit delirious in the giddy way that all families feel after the gender reveal has been announced.

I can’t wait to meet this little one later this year and hopefully visit that magazine-worthy home again. It is totally my style, and I was impressed with every corner.

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