Luxury Newborn Photos with a South Jersey Photographer

Everyone things that Luxury Newborn Photos will be expressive. I am here to tell you that is not the case. You are able to have Luxury Newborn Photos on a tight budget. I’ll explain how in a moment.

I remember when Samantha used to be my hair stylist before I had kids. She was always so talented and knew exactly what I wanted when it came to my hair. I loved going to her salon and spending time chatting while she worked her magic on my hair. But once I had kids, the hour-long drive to her salon just became too much to handle with little ones in tow.

So, sadly, I had to find a new stylist closer to home. However, when Samantha reached out to me to see if I could capture Luxury Newborn Photos of her son, Ashton. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again. I knew that if she had chosen me to photograph her precious baby, it meant she still trusted my skills and creativity.

Luxury Newborn Photos At An Affordable Pricing

Everyone knows the saying “struggling artist”, because being an artist can sometimes be hard financially. Samantha as a hair stylist and me as a photographer, both artists, don’t have a bunch of funds to splurge on high end newborn photography. Luckily, my mini newborn package offers the perfect balance for quality, quantity, and affordability.

Ashton was such a sweet little baby during his newborn session. He was so calm and sleepy, making it easy to pose him for photos. I could tell right away that he had inherited his mother’s easygoing nature and sweet disposition. Samantha and her husband, Mark, doted on Ashton throughout the session, showering him with love and affection.

I could see the joy and pride on Samantha’s face as she watched me work with Ashton. She was a natural mother, intuitively knowing how to comfort and soothe her baby when he fussed. It was clear that she had been preparing for motherhood long before Ashton’s arrival.

Capturing the tiny details

As I reviewed the Luxury Newborn Photos from the session, I couldn’t help but marvel at how perfect Ashton looked in each shot. His tiny fingers and toes, his soft hair, and his peaceful expression all came together to create stunning images. I knew that Samantha would cherish these photos for years to come, capturing Ashton’s first few days of life in all his glory.

Working with Samantha and capturing Ashton’s newborn photos brought back memories of our time together at the salon. I missed our conversations and her expert hairstyling skills, but I was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect through photography. Samantha may no longer be my hair stylist, but she will always hold a special place in my heart as a client turned friend. And I look forward to watching Ashton grow and capturing more precious moments for their family in the years to come.

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