Maverick’s 6-Month Half Birthday Milestone | Cowboy Themed

Cowboy half birthday photoshoot

I cannot believe Maverick is 6-months old already! I feel like he was just born yesterday! How does time fly by so quickly?! We did a cowboy-themed session for Maverick’s half-birthday. All I originally really cared about was the naked booty shots with his cowboy hat on, but honestly the overalls and blue eyes just touch my heart! Maverick was a gem for this session, as always, with lots of laughter and smiles. His blue eyes will just melt your heart, I can guarantee that! Maverick is just now starting to sit on his own without assistance. He still falls over quite frequently but has really started getting the hang of sitting all by himself. This mama is beyond proud of how smart this boy is and how far he has come from day one. I know Maverick will do great things one day! Stay tuned for next month’s shoot, which will be the fourth of July themed!

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