Best Investments for Your Wedding | Ultimate Edge Photography

by Nikki Edison

June 25, 2020

Your wedding is a huge investment and making sure that everything goes off without any problems is something you spend month planning for! However, sometimes things do not go as planned. Below are some really great wedding investments that will help keep your wedding vibes in a happy place, rest your nerves, and simply take some stress away from wedding planning!

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Wedding Insurance

Yes, it’s a thing!

Wedding insurance a multitude of things all depending on the type of coverage you select. The most popular option I recommend is the cancellation coverage, which covers you in case of a job loss, life event, Act of God (like hurricanes), etc. so if your wedding needs to be canceled or postponed, you can do so without having to worry!

Let’s say one of you lost your job and as a result you have to cancel the wedding, but your venue is still requiring you pay the full amount owed the cancelation insurance would kick in and cover that expense for you and even return any money you have paid to that vendor.

Of course, this is all dependent on the insurance provide and plan you choose but it is definitely something worth looking into! One of my favorites and actually the provider I chose for our wedding was

Wedding Planner or Coordinator

I invested in a day-of-coordinator for my wedding mainly because I chose a DIY style venue. I wanted someone to help with decorating and keeping the day flowing the way it should seeing how the venue did not offer a day-of-coordinator. Why should I have to worry about setting up decor? I am supposed to actually enjoy this day of my life, not stress about the small details so I decided it would be best that I hire a wedding planner just to handle the day-of essentials.

Let me start of by telling you, she has done so much more for me than prior to my wedding than I could have ever hoped for! Now, I don’t know if all wedding planners that offer day-of-coordination do this, but just girl is!

Here is my favorite wedding planners in New Jersey:
Bogath Weddings & Events
KMT Event Group

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Have a busy lifestyle? Don’t have enough time to read the latest blog post or magazines? Look into listening to a wedding podcast! Yes, it is actually a thing! Listen to a podcast on your way to work, while your gardening, or at the gym! It is a great way to get the information you need to know without sacrificing your valuable time!

My recommended Wedding Postcast Channels are:
Wedding Planning + Chill
Bridal Guide Podcast