Summer Family Photoshoot With Newborn Twins

It was a lovely bonus when Isla and Aria’s parents asked to add on a Summer Family Photoshoot the day after their newborn studio shoot. For so many reasons, I was totally hyped. I was in Florida on vacation, and new places are always so inspiring. I visit Florida often as I am from there. All my family still lives down there as well so I try to go frequently. The day after I had my first newborn twin shoot we capture Sloan’s summer family shoot outdoors. To see them again in a beautiful place outdoors was a joy.

The Florida weather didn’t disappoint. We met at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, the prettiest spot for a family shoot. With rows of trees draped in greenery and sandy paths, we explored the area, stopping for photos along the way. The Sloans also have a little boy who is sweetly adoring of all his sisters, including the energetic toddler and tiny twins. 

Summer Family Photoshoot with Siblings

We captured the cutest photo of all the kids. Sitting on the path, the older brother cradled the newborns. They had the biggest smiles and were just gorgeous to photograph. There were plenty of action and candid shots of the older children as they broke away to play now and then, and the twins were doing their thing most of the time – sleeping soundly as they were rocked and soothed by the walk.

The Sloans wore crisp blue outfits with some denim and linen mixed in. It’s not easy to get the styling of five people on point with newborn babies. But this family got the fashion look nailed right down to their shoes. They say the weeks of having newborn babies go by in a blur you can hardly remember. So I’m so happy for this family to have the studio and a Summer Family Photoshoot to reflect on. How special to have such a large family. Life is beautiful, and this cute clan is just perfection! 

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