Boudoir Photography Cost and Experience

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How much does boudoir photography cost? Boudoir photography cost really varies from photographer to photographer depending on their experience and what that photographer offers in a package. Most boudoir photographers have prices anywhere from $200-$2,000, which is a very wide range!

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It’s All In The Experience

You want to look for a boudoir photographer with a relaxing and fun experience. If you are not comfortable with your photographer or the environment, you won’t have fun or be able to feel confident! So I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a boudoir session, and truthfully I hated it! But please keep reading!! The photographer had no music playing and literally told me “Go stand over there and be sexy.” For those that know me, I am not a sexy person. I am leggings and an oversized tee type of girl. I needed a massive amount of instruction, which I didn’t receive.

Luckily, I found Ultimate Edge Photography which focuses on body positivity and offers all the things I lacked in the session I had proir. Nikki makes sessions fun and comforting, boosting every woman’s confidence in her studio. She walks you through every pose by showing you, talking to you so it is never quiet or awkward, plays your favorite music, and even has a glass of champagne ready for you to help calm any nerves.

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Boudoir Photography Cost & Packaging

If you want a quick and cheap boudoir photography session, like ripping off a band-aide, you are probably looking more for a mini boudoir. Most boudoir photographers offer boudoir mini-session marathons. These marathons are offered at significantly discounted once or twice a year. Some photographers may also offer a regular mini session in their packaging.

Most of the time, mini-sessions do not include any hair or makeup so this would be up to you to style. These sessions are quick, usually no more than 30 minutes long and you can typically expect a small handful of images. Image counts vary widely based on the photographer’s packaging. You may also be limited to the number of outfits you can wear.

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If you want more of an experience that includes hair and makeup, you may need to consider a higher budget. Boudoir photography is a specialized niche. Hiring someone that has experience posing women in a flattering way will cost. Boudoir photography costs vary from photographer to photographer based on their experience capturing this style of photography. Photographers just starting out may only charge a small amount but may not be familiar with posing all body types. There are specific poses for women that want to hide their tummies but flatter their booty.

Nikki with Ultimate Edge Photography has worked with all body types, with experience in diminishing certain features and emphasizing your most flattering features. She specializes in a flirty and elegant fine-art style and believes in body positivity. If you would like to learn more about her packaging and the experience she offers, CLICK HERE.

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