Newborn Lifestyle Photography with Baby Jojo

Baby Jojo is the most adorable little gem. Her gorgeous mama booked a newborn lifestyle photography session, and I’m so pleased with how the images turned out. 

Miss Jojo was a little fussy at times, but some snuggles and feeding soon put her at ease. Cooing and giving a wide range of expressions one moment and drifting off to sleep the next, she was a dream to photograph. So was her lovely nursery, which is decorated in my favorite neutral tones and stylishly minimalistic. The round rug made a great backdrop and will be used as she grows up, learning to roll over, sit up and play with her toys. 

It was also a pleasure to capture the family portraits. Dressed in a stunning off-the-shoulder dress, Jojo’s mom looked radiant, and there were plenty of proud dada moments during the session too. 

A newborn lifestyle photoshoot captures a baby’s first days and weeks in a relaxed and natural setting, usually the family’s home. These sessions focus on the bond between the newborn and the family and the little details of the baby’s life. 

Here are just some of the reasons my clients, including Jojo’s parents, were thankful they booked a newborn lifestyle photography session. 

Authentic Moments

Lifestyle sessions capture families’ real and candid moments with their new addition. It’s less about posed shots and more about genuine interactions.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography is Comfort for the Baby

The baby is in a familiar environment since these shoots typically occur in the home. This often means they are more comfortable and can remain in a natural state, whether that’s asleep or awake.

Personal Touch

Newborn lifestyle photography will include elements of the family’s life. Like the baby’s nursery, a cherished family quilt, or a favorite toy. These unique details can make the photos even more special.

Capturing the Environment with Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Over the years, families may move homes or redecorate. The photo shoot captures the baby in their first environment, preserving memories of not just the newborn stage but also the home at that time.

Inclusion of Family Members

Newborn lifestyle photography shoots often include siblings, pets, and other family members interacting with the baby. This holistic approach can capture the entire family dynamic.

Flexible Timing

Unlike traditional newborn sessions that might need to be done within the first 10 days of life. Lifestyle sessions can be more flexible with timing, which can be less stressful for parents.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Tells a Story

Lifestyle photography often tells a story about the family’s life during that time – the way the sunlight enters the baby’s room, the favorite book the family reads together, or the way a sibling looks at the new baby.

In essence, newborn lifestyle photo shoots offer a beautiful, relaxed, and intimate way to capture the first memories with a new family member. The photos are sure to be timeless keepsakes to cherish for years.

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