Atlantic City Country Club Wedding – Jen and Mel Married

Jen and Mel hosted their minimony at Atlantic City Country Club at their new Skyline Ceremony Site and it was nothing short of spectacular!

Mel and Jen have been together for over 10 years, living the military family life. Mel is in the Air Force and is currently living on the other side of the United States, so these two are familiar with the struggles of trying to maintain a long distant relationship. Long distant relationships of course are standard when dating anyone in the military. It isn’t until you are married that you are allowed to live off base so that you may be closer to your family. As you might have guessed, these two getting married after all this time was a big deal!

Mel and Jen had been one of the unfortunate couples that had to postpone their wedding not once, but twice! With the struggles of Mel being in the military, it was tough for them to try to continually postpone the wedding due to the Coronavirus. When a military schedule, you literally never know what the next month couple even bring! So with already postponing more times than they could have ever imagined, these two were determined to get married, no matter what!

Everything tired together so beautifully for their wedding at the Atlantic City Country Club! Their colors consisted of Navy, Rose Gold, Ivory, and Sage which in my opinion is the best wedding color scheme any couple could choose! These wedding colors are a universal color palette that caters to any season! With all the postponements that continue to still happen, this is a safe color palette to choose for couples that are still trying to get married in 2020!

I haven’t shot at Atlantic City Country Club since 2018 so I haven’t had the chance to see what Atlantic City Country Club’s new ceremony site looked like yet. I have seen their 3D models of the site and cellphone shots but let me tell you that is no comparison! This Skyline ceremony site did not disappoint! I would argue that it has the BEST views of the Atlantic City skyline! The ceremony site sits directly in front of the skyline which creates an amazing backdrop for your ceremony and guests to view.

Mel and Jen opted for a Minimony which is exactly like a normal wedding, just super downsized! They had roughly 40 people for their wedding celebrations and I personally think it was just as magical as what a full wedding day celebration would have been, maybe even better! Mel and Jen opted to do a first touch instead of a first look on the Skydeck of Atlantic City Country Club. Mel was fighting hard to not let his emotions get the best of him!

These two are filled with so much love for one another and it was so apparent on their wedding day! I am so honored to have been able to be a part of their special day!

Mel was fighting to hold back his tear once we saw Jen but obvious they got the best of him!

Yay! Finally Married!!

I love that they tied their ceremony arch into their sweetheart table! It brought everything together so wonderfully!

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