Batsto Village Family Photo Shoot

Seeing the Dewalt’s at Batsto Village for their annual family photo shoot was a wonderful reunion. Since I photographed Charles and Felicia’s gorgeous wedding at The Grove at Centerton, we’ve stayed in contact and had numerous photo shoots. It’s always lovely to see them again; hands on my heart, they get more beautiful every time.

We met at the historic village in the South Central Pinelands of New Jersey this time. The scenic grounds with well-preserved old buildings are perfect for any outdoor photo session. You feel like you’ve stepped back in time, especially when you see the staff dressed in their olden-days costumes. 

Family Outfit Inspo

Speaking of outfits, the Dewalts rocked up looking fabulous. My favorite little girl was wearing a red tartan dress and her parents, both police officers, wore all black. Stylish and timeless outfit choices mean their photos won’t date quickly, and the red popped against the rustic rural background. Also, this family all have fantastic hairstyles. The little girl’s bouncy curls, dad’s funky cut, and mom whose long hair looks like she belongs in a high-end shampoo commercial. Who wouldn’t love to have hair like that? 

We wandered around Batsto Village and took some formal and candid imagery. As well as the family group shots, we did individual portraits for everyone. This included mom and daughter, dad and daughter, and couple shots for the parents. I always get those intimate shots of just the parents because once you have kids, there never seems to be an opportunity to get those kinds of photos anymore. Parents will know exactly what I mean! If you could see a wide shot, you might see the little one running around or holding onto mom’s leg. 

Include Your Pet For Your Batsto Village Family Photo Session!

Their dog joined the photo shoot, which was so special. Pets are always welcome, and I know this pooch was photo trained because I have photographed him a few times. I love the photos with the blanket and pillows styled to match the little girl’s dress. Those fall leaves were the only prop we needed; everyone loved playing with them, throwing them up into the air. 

As we wandered around the grounds for this Batsto Village family session, we caught up on life and what was new. A lot can happen in a year, so we were chatting away as we discovered so many lovely areas for photos. We move quickly from spot to spot when I shoot families with young children. This keeps the children happy and engaged as they feel like the shoot is a playful game rather than a photo shoot where they are expected to smile for photos. Charles and Felicia’s daughter was a little shy, but she warmed up quickly, and her sweet personality was soon shining for all to see. 

Spring and Fall is an excellent time for family photos, so if you want a Batsto Village family photo session like this one or any location you love, drop me a line, and let’s make some plans together for the New Year.

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