Beach Haven Maternity Session For Kristen and Dan

Kristen’s Beach Haven maternity session was extra special because it was a thoughtful and romantic gift from her hubby. Dan told me he wanted to capture this special time during their babymoon which was such a sweet gesture. When Kristen found out, she was happy and we arranged to meet at one of my favorite New Jersey beaches.

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect as Beach Haven blessed us with the most beautiful day. And you can see from the photos that our couple arrived looking gorgeous and excited. Their outfits were perfectly chosen. Featuring neutral, earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the beach’s natural palette. This choice of attire added an organic, timeless feel to the photographs. Making them classic yet contemporary!

Beach Haven Maternity Session

We captured a range of emotions and moments. From intimate, romantic shots that reflected their love and connection to playful, carefree ones that echoed their excitement and joy. The ocean breeze added a touch of whimsy, playing with Kristen’s hair, and the sunset kissed them with soft light and warmth. Ending the session with the couple snuggled in the dunes, I was happy with the diverse maternity and couple images captured. 

This Beach Haven maternity session marks a beautiful time of life for Kristen and Dan as they become parents. Being part of such a heartfelt surprise and capturing these timeless moments was an honor and a joy. With its perfect blend of love, light, and laughter, this session will always hold a special place in my portfolio.

If you know someone who would love the gift of a photo shoot, send me a sneaky email and we can make plans. With Christmas around the corner, this could be the ideal gift you have been looking for. Or if you want to document your love story, pregnancy, or family, let’s connect soon. 

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