Corey and Ryan Married – Mystic Island Backyard Beach Wedding

I have never in my wedding photography career shot a wedding that was within a 5-minute drive of my home, and I sure as heck hope that Corey and Ryan’s wedding will not be the last of that! Truly, everything about Corey and Ryan’s backyard wedding was absolutely perfect! Their wedding day turned into being an enormous bonus for me because it was so close to home.

Corey and Ryan planned everything for their backyard beach wedding in Mystic Island, New Jersey at Ryan’s grandmother’s home. These two and their families spent countless hours designing, setting up, and preparing for their wedding. Corey’s maid-of-honor designed their invitation suite, both Corey and Ryan spend hours the day before setting up tables and chairs for the reception, as well as Ryan practicing traditional Scottish dancing as a surprise for their guests during introductions.

These two did not fall short of design as every aspect of their day looked and felt as if it were from a magazine. I even have to mention that the port-a-potty that was parked in the driveway was even amazing, truly it was actually beautiful inside believe it or not!

I am so grateful that not only did I have a chance to work with Corey and Ryan for their engagement session, which you can view their blog post HERE, but capturing their wedding was truly a pleasure!

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