Deep Cut Gardens Engagement Session | Middletown New Jersey | Genevieve and Rob| Ultimate Edge Photography

Friday had some very questionable weather for Rob and Genevieve’s engagement session. I was on my way to Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, New Jersey for their engagement session when basically a hurricane rolled through for most of my drive! Literally, there was a tropical storm making its way over New Jersey on Friday and Saturday!

The weather all week was showing rain was a possibility and on Friday it was definitely a gamble on if it was actually going to rain or not when it came time for our session. Deep Cut Gardens requires a permit and a scheduled time for photography so that there won’t be any other photographers there at the same time you are, which is super nice! However, since we had to schedule the session, it wasn’t super easy to just move the session to either earlier in the day or to another day entirely. So we took a chance!

I normally don’t get very nervous about the weather because, for the most part, we are able to get a break in the rain, but this time I was super nervous! I truly thought we were going to get to Deep Cut Gardens just to turn back around. BUT…⁠ For this exact reason is why I love to take a chance with the weather!

Despite it raining cats and dogs earlier, the rain let up just in time for Genevieve and Rob’s session! It did get super humid, but that did not stop these two from have fun and us capturing some amazing portraits together! This just goes to show that despite what Mother Nature ⁠is doing, we can still capture amazing portraits!

Vendor List:

Location: Deep Cut Gardens
Makeup Artist: Christopher Cianci Artistry

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