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Samantha found me through a free engagement session give away that I was running earlier in the 2020 year to try and get more business down in Florida. Obviously, Samantha and Jason decided to go ahead and book me for their wedding day! These two chose to get married on Halloween, which is a holiday I have been wanting to work for quite some time now!

I used to love Halloween when I was a little kid, but I am not going to lie I am kind of a wimp now with scary things! I am someone that scares easily and if I watch a suspense film (you know, those ones with the demons crawling on the walls) I have horrid nightmares that keep me up at night so I try to avoid all things scary.

Even though I am a light and airy wedding photographer, I do love the way dark and moody shots look too! Halloween allows for both of these styles to shine though in my opinion, but it also made it super challenging as a photographer to maintain a well balance between dark and moody and light and airy. I knew Samantha loved the light and airy look but with dark accent posed some challenges as a light and airy photographer.

Most light and airy photography consist of pastel and neutral colors, which are my favorite colors! However, Samantha and Jason’s theme was inspired by Halloween so pastels and neutral types of colors would not match the vibe they were wanting to go for. Black, dark purple, dark green, and red are the typical Halloween colors we all know and love which were the same colors Samantha and Jason had for their wedding color scheme.

Even with these darker colors, I am still able to deliver the light and airy images Samantha and Jason desired. How? It all pans down to knowing the correct lighting no matter the situation. Anyone has the ability to take a great picture, I will admit that, but it takes a truly talented photographer to know how to find the best lighting. Lighting is everything for a great image, which is how we were able to deliver these light and airy images as you can see below.

There were so many finer details that Samantha and Jason put into planning their big day. There was a weapon exchange during the ceremony which is a Viking tradition, a Dog of Honor who had their wedding bands in a little coffin around his neck, a black ribbon for the corset of Samantha’s dress, black lace thigh-high boots, and so many other finer details that came together so beautifully! Samantha did an amazing job putting all these details together!

Samantha had the most unique boots and I loved them!

To keep with the Halloween theme, Sam and Jason’s ring box was a coffin!

Samantha’s Viking inspired hairstyle was so beautiful!

I loved this Vintage Rolls Royce so much! It came in handy for portraits later in the day!

Such a beautiful ceremony under the gorgeous Florida Oak!

Okay, it’s time to move back to Florida just for these oak trees! So magical!

How stunning is Ever After Farms Vineyard Ballroom?!

What would a Halloween Wedding be without a Candy Bar?!

This moment was so heart warming as their daughter kissed mommy’s check!

I needed to test my lighting for a sparkler send off so I asked Sam and Jason’s son to help me out. I think this test shot turned out spooky cool!

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