Is a Maternity Photoshoot Worth It?

A Maternity photoshoot has become a popular trend among expecting mothers, allowing them to capture and cherish the beauty of their pregnancy. But the question remains: Are maternity photoshoots worth it? When is the best time to take them? Can I take my own maternity photos? These are all great questions! I will explore the benefits of maternity photoshoots, the reasons why many mothers choose to invest in them, and whether or not they are truly worth the time and money.

1. Pros of a Maternity Photoshoot:

Maternity photoshoots can be a beautiful way to capture and celebrate the pregnancy journey. The best time to capture maternity photos is between 28-32 weeks. Many women find the experience empowering as they showcase their changing bodies. Also, the excitement of welcoming a new life is uplifting too. These photos can become cherished keepsakes you and your child can revisit in future years. It can also serve as a way to bond with your partner as you both anticipate your baby’s arrival.

Additionally, professional maternity photos can be expertly shot and edited to create stunning images that highlight the beauty of pregnancy. I have never heard a client say they regret booking the photoshoot! I always say, it is better to have done it than say “I wish I had took the photos” after it is too late.

2. Cons of a Maternity Photoshoot:

Some women may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable during a maternity photoshoot. Especially if they are experiencing body image issues or insecurities about their changing shape. Hiring a professional photographer and purchasing prints or digital images can also be an added expense. Additionally, some mothers may worry about the logistics of organizing a photoshoot, such as finding the right outfit, location, or pose. Hiring a professional photographer would be the best choice in this situation, as a professional will know how to pose you correctly. This will allow you to photograph at your best but also have your images edited in a flattering manner as well!

On a lighter note, all my packages include all the digital images. This means the price you see is the flat rate you pay, with no hidden fees or upcharging! I also have a client closet that takes the worry out of trying to find an outfit for the expecting mother. This allows for mothers to wear something they wouldn’t typically find in their closets or may be out of their price range when shopping for outfits. I like to think of my client’s closet as offering various luxury dresses. I can also help you choose your partner and children’s outfits with a vision board or Amazon shopping list.

3. Personal Choice and Recommendations:

Ultimately, the decision to do a maternity photoshoot is a personal one. It is important to consider your own comfort level and preferences. If you are hesitant about a professional photoshoot, consider doing a more low-key photoshoot with a friend. Even a family member can capture these images for you, or use a self-timer. Remember that these photos are for you and your family to enjoy, so it’s important to prioritize your own feelings and desires. Capturing the beauty of pregnancy can be a wonderful way to celebrate this special time in your life, and many women find that the experience is well worth the effort.

Interested in booking a maternity photoshoot with me? I would be honored to capture these images for you! Reach out to me HERE anytime you are ready to book a session!

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