Light and Airy Bridal Boudoir | Ocean Grove, NJ | Ultimate Edge Photography

by Nikki Bantum

August 3, 2020

I am absolutely in love with the light and airy style of boudoir! Don’t get me wrong, I specialize in the dark and moody boudoir as well, but the bright boudoir images are my fave! Danielle’s boudoir session took place at this gorgeous studio in Ocean Grover, New Jersey that has massive amounts of natural light. All this gorgeous natural light creates that dreamy, bridal, magical boudoir that I just adore!

This was Danielle’s first boudoir session and she absolutely killed it! She did admit to me that she was so extremely nervous about her session. In the beginning, it is extremely common to be reserved – this is normal! The key to any boudoir session is to make it enjoyable! Of course, your images will be stunning, but you must have an absolutely amazing experience too! It is almost bound to happen that about mid-way through the session, the inner goddess breaks through and my clients typically feel comfortable enough to venture into the more risky style of boudoir, which always is a favorite for your partner!

I love working with every day, normal women! Why? Because I am obsessed with helping them realize how beautiful they are! The look my client get’s on their face when I show them the back of my camera is an overwhelming feeling of excitement! That look lets me know they are seeing themselves in a way they always should have seen themselves!

Your Body Tells a Beautiful Story of Your Life’s Happiness and Struggles – It’s The Only Body You’ll Have, So Love It!

Danielle, you are so extremely stunning and your hubby is going to be mind-blown when he sees these images! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these for you and I hope you feel as beautiful and sexy as you look! You crushed it, girl!