Gorgeous Summer Sunset Engagement Session at Riverwinds Community Center| Fallon and Victor | Ultimate Edge Photography

I hear all the time from couples how gorgeous sunsets are at a location so when Fallon told me that the sunsets at Riverwinds Point Park were the best her and Victor have ever seen, I was skeptical. When I arrived at the park to start their session there weren’t many people but the closer we got to sunset the crowds started to flow in. At this point, I was questioning if they were all showing up to watch the sunset…

We started Fallon and Victor’s engagement session along the walking path of the park and we noticed in the distance a few skunks! Luckily they kept their distances but I have never seen a real-life skunk before, the kid came out in me with excitement! The glow in this location was so perfect I probably could have captured their whole engagement session on this one pathway!

We did venture around the park to the super cute gazebo where we took a few shots before Fallon and Victor did a quick outfit change. I love it when my couples choose to have 2 outfits because it gives their images so much variety! I recommend choosing a casual outfit like the ones at the beginning of Fallon and Victor’s session and then mixing it up to a more formal or date night type of outfit, which always ends up being everyone’s most favorite images!

Victor coordinated with Riverwinds Golf and Tennis Club to barrow a few golf carts so that we can venture onto their golf course for a few sunset and skyline shots. We started to make our way to the golf course when I noticed a super tall and gorgeous tree along a pathway, so of course, we had to make a quick pit stop to grab a few shots! At this spot, we saw a few deer and a bunny along the tall grass and swear it was like a scene out of Bambi!

Let me tell you when the sun actually started to set I was becoming more and more convinced that maybe Fallon and Victor were right about the sunsets at this park! It wasn’t until we walked to the top of the green on the golf course that I truly believed Fallon and Victor, they were so right about the sunsets at Riverwinds Park! The glow, the orange sun, the colorful skies… all of it was so jaw-dropping! Towards the end of the gallery below, you can see the amazing sunset shots as well as the Philly skyline in the background!!

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