Glowy Longport Beach Engagement Session | Kaitlin and Josh Engaged

I always get a little worried about beach sessions because the day could turn out in so many different ways. When its an overcast day I struggle with giving the images a pop of color. When it’s a bright sunny day I struggle with trying to find the best lighting because obviously there is no shade on the beach! The most ideal days on the beach for photography are a partly cloudy sky, this way you can get the glowy shots but when he sun tucks behind a cloud then you have free range to photograph from any direction.

We got exactly that for Kaitlin and Josh’s engagement session at The Point and 11th Ave in Longport, New Jersey! The session started out with full sun but towards the end of the session, a giant storm cloud moved in giving us a cotton candy sky sunset! Luckily, we had absolutely no issues with rain even though all the towns around us were getting some kind of storm it seemed!

Kaitlin and Josh’s session was absolutely magical! The glow, the sunset, and their precious little golden retriever puppy named Luna have made me fall completely in love with beach sessions! Even though it was quite a bit windy for the whole session, it made Kaitlin’s dress fly so beautifully and gave their images a super romantic feel! I can’t wait for your wedding at Scotland Run next year!

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