Maverick’s 7-Month Milestone | Fourth of July Themed Photoshoot

fourth of july baby photoshoot

For this month’s milestone photoshoot I decided to do the 4th of July themed since it is July and Mav would be 4 days shy of 7-months old! Maverick is beyond my best model, he is so happy and self-entertained that it makes it easy to photograph him. The only trick is having a lot of patience because he only has about a millisecond of attention to look at the camera before he is distracted by something else. The person I become to get Maverick, or any baby, to look at the camera is quite silly, to be honest! I start singing, clapping, and making the weirdest faces and noises to get his attention, but it works! I am still trying to decide what Maverick’s 8-month photoshoot will be, so stay tuned for something really neat!

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