Megan and Richard Engaged – Riverwinds Park Summer Engagement Session

by Nikki Bantum

September 11, 2021

Megan and Richard are such sweet souls! I love it when I meet with a couple for their engagement session and we just instantly click. It is something about our chats leading up prior to their engagement session that gives me strong vibes that we will be a great git for each other. However, it is not until the day of their engagement session we can confirm this. It also was an amazing beginning to the session because Megan brought me a red and blue slurpy from Wawa and let me tell you, this is the exact way to my heart especially while pregnant during summer!

Megan and Richard will be getting married at the beautiful Woodcrest Country Club in June of 2022 and I am so thrilled to be a part of this season of their lives together! I recently shot at Woodcrest Country Club in early September of 2021 for another couple of mine and it was absolutely beautiful! Literally, the weather could not have been more perfect that September day! Prior to this though, I had not been to Woodcrest Country Club since 2018 so it had been quite some time since I was last at Woodcrest Country Club!