The Columns Wedding Avon-by-the-Sea | Sydney and Robert Married

Sydney and Robert are probably some of the most relaxed and easy-going couples I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Their ceremony took place at the Avon Pavillion that overlooked the beach and their reception was at The Columns in Avon-By-The-Sea. I used to dislike beach weddings but this year has turned me into enjoying them! For me, it is mostly the heat that gets to me with the beach but I am loving the way beach weddings are decorated and the theme in general.

Sadly, Syndeys father had been sick for quite some time, and about 2 weeks before the wedding he had passed away. It was such an emotional time for everyone at their wedding as they remembered him. Instead of Syndey being walked up the aisle by her father like planned, Robert and she walked up together. I love that they chose to walk up together as it signified even more that they are joining the commitment of marriage together.

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