New Jersey Boudoir Photographer Offering Light and Airy Imagery

First of all, this lovely lady did a New Jersey Boudoir session as a gift to her husband for their 5-year anniversary. She was so extremely nervous but was a true goddess in front of the camera. She told me at the beginning of her session that she was so scared she almost threw up! Her husband, who knew she was doing this session, motivated her to push through the nerves. As you can read from her review below, her nerves disappeared and she was able to be confident. During her session when I would show her sneak peeks on my camera, she kept telling me “I can’t believe that is me!”. That is the best thing to hear during a session 🙂

New Jersey Boudoir Session Review From Her

  1. What was your favorite part about your session?
    • I absolutely loved the energy and how confident Nikki was about everything. I felt my nerves relax and I was able to be myself. 
  2. Where you nervous about your shoot?
    • YES! Never in a million years did I ever think I could do this. 
  3. What are you taking away from your New Jersey boudoir experience?
    • That I can really step out of my comfort zone and that I am way more confident in myself! 
  4. Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
    • Absolutely yes! I will recommend them to definitely book a session with Nikki! 

I love reading reviews and recommendations like this from my boudoir babes. Every woman deserves to feel incredibly beautiful! It is scary to step out of your comfort zone but I promise you, it is worth every second of it. How you feel after your session is worth more than words can explain. Even though this woman was so nervous that she almost threw up, she pushed past those nerves. As you can see in the sneak peek images below, she absolutely slayed her session! Also, her body suit is to die for! Can you believe she found it on amazon?!

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