ONE Cute Chick Cake Smash with Aria

With the theme of ONE Cute Chick Cake Smash, Aria’s first birthday shoot was a delight to photograph. It is so hard to believe it has already been a year since I captured her newborn photos! This darling little girl looked adorable in a bright yellow floral dress with daisy accessories that her Mom found on Amazon. With her smile and giggles, you would have thought she knew all about the fun that was about to unfold. Designing this ONE Cute Chick Cake Smash setup was challenging, but so much fun to bring it all together!

This One Cute Chick Smashed The Cake & Then Some!

An outfit change was needed before bringing out the delicious birthday cake. We couldn’t let that gorgeous dress get covered in sugar and cream. At first, our sweet birthday girl wasn’t so into the cake, but once she tasted the dessert and the joy of smashing it with a spoon, she was all in. She had that cake everywhere. This type of mess is what she would look back on one day with a big smile like her parents. I had too much fun watching her enjoy the festivities. 

Even some of the cake might have been on the gorgeous backdrop and props we designed and styled. White, yellow, and gold balloons, spring chickens and flowers, and a ONE sign to show Aria’s age were perfect for this milestone birthday shoot. I’m excited to see what her theme will be next year! Moms, keep those themed birthday parties going for as long as possible. As the kids get older, it’s easy to put less effort in. However, when you see the photos, it’s so worth the hours of work to create a special space that is dreamy and magical. 

Cake smash photography is an excellent way to celebrate a child’s milestone and create lasting memories. It’s also an opportunity for the baby to have fun and express themselves in a safe and creative environment. I’m always excited to book a cake smash or birthday photo shoot. If your little one has a celebration coming up (or even if it’s a while away), let’s talk about some creative ideas! We can make it as bright and beautiful as Aria’s cake smash was!

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