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I had the pleasure of capturing Samantha and Jason’s engagement session at Happy Place Party Ponies in Palm City, Florida!⁠ ⁠ We had horses, smoke bombs, glorious sunsets, horse pastures, and a motorcycle! How could a session get any better than that?!

Despite the fact that I could not for the life of me get Jason’s names right, the day turned out to be so beautiful! (I kept calling him Chris – First of all I shouldn’t have messed this up because my fiance’s name is also Jason. But to my defense, I wasn’t the first one to call him Chris during the session so the seed was technically planted and I also jinxed myself in the beginning on the session lol!)⁠ ⁠Florida’s weather treated us very well with a cool breeze, sunny skies, and the most beautiful sunset you could ever imagine!

Happy Place Party Ponies had beautiful pastures and horses on their property. We had Unique, the most gorgeous and patient horse! We did so many different poses and Unique went along with everything we wanted her to do. At one point during the session, she used Jason as a scratching post! That gave us all a really good laugh as she was about to knock him over with the force of her scratching! haha!

We ventured into the pastures for some amazing sunset shots. The horses in the back pasture along with the warm glowing sun and a little bit of lens flare from the sunset made these pictures just absolutely perfect! You can totally tell these images captured timeless romance!⁠ Towards the end of the sessions when we had just enough light left we did a few shots with smoke bombs! Let me just say I think I am going to make it a regular thing to incorporate smoke bombs in my sessions because they were amazing!!

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