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Jessica and Jesse have the type of personalities that are so warm, bubbly, and full-blown fun! Their session started out as just a normal cloudy day, however we did start to get some rain sprinkles about midway through so we had to break out the clear umbrellas. Let me tell you, a little rain did not ruin their spirits for their Sayen House and Gardens engagement session though! These two absolutely rocked it and then some!

I am not going to lie, I have been wanting to do a session with some rain for quite some time now! I seem to have really good luck when it comes to rainy days where things just work out perfectly for portraits. I am definitely not complaining about that, but I have been wanting to get some use of the clear umbrellas a bought over 3 years ago! Well, I finally had the chance to use them for Jesse and Jessica’s Sayen House and Gardens engagement session and it was complete magic!

A lot of people get worried when the forecast calls for cloudy skies but little to people know this is actually some of the best light for photography! The sun will give us those glowy images everyone loves but on cloudy days, this allows us to essentially shoot in any spot! When the sun is super bright and glowy, I have to keep the sun to your backs and it is also best to keep the shady areas. However, when it is a cloudy day, I can place you anywhere without having to worry about harsh shadows on your faces!

The start of amazing light and airy images that everyone loves stems down to all about the lighting. A good photographer will focus on an amazing backdrop, but an excellent photographer will put the lighting before the location and that is where you get the perfection everyone desires! An excellent photographer can make any backdrop look amazing as long as the lighting is perfect. Trust me on this!

Not to get horribly technical with you on how a photographer’s mind works, but just know that if your engagement session turns out to be a cloudy day, this doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing images from your session! Just check out Jessica and Jesse’s Sayen House and Gardens engagement session below that had super cloudy skies and even some rain!

Jessica’s laugh is so adorable!

Find someone that will have a random dance party with you during your engagement session!

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