Sayen House and Gardens Summer Family and Engagement Session | Dan and Emily | Ultimate Edge Photography

When Emily and I first started talking about their photography needs, she asked me how they could incorporate their daughter, Macy, into the images. I suggested doing essentially half a family session and half an engagement session. This allowed for all 3 of them to have plenty of portraits as a family and but also of just Emily and Dan because after all, they’re getting married!!

Although, I do believe Macy stole the show for the majority of the session! Macy and I connected over the color pink, her amazing rainbow nails that were polished by Dan himself, and her interest in the images I was taking. She loved looking at the back of my camera and learned really fast the quickest way to view the images!

The bridge and little pond at Sayen House and Gardens, were they had their session, was a huge interest to Macy. She was so excited any time I mentioned that we were making out way to the pond. When Dan and Emily pointed out to her the Koi fish in the water, the pure joy on her face was priceless! I believe Macy was most excited about getting into her fancy pink dress for the formal part of their session!

Dan, Emily, and Dan chose to bring 2 outfits, which I always recommend because it can give an amazing variety to the session! The first half of their session was in their casual outfits. I love a casual outfit because this allows you to be your normal self without it feeling overdone. Formal or dressy outfits are my favorites though because these types of outfits bring the session to a whole other level! Just look towards the end of Dan, Emily, and Macy’s gallery when they changed into their formal outfits. The results are just absolutely amazing and so elegant and romantic!

I actually lost all 3 of them at one point during their session, which was not one of my proudest moments! Typically during my client’s outfit change is when I will do the details shots of the engagement ring. When it came time for them to change outfits I asked Emily; “Can I steal your ring while you change outfits for a few detail shots?”. We all joked about how I said: “steal your ring”…

I told them I would meet them back at the pond so that we can take more pictures in their formal outfits there. Well, little did I know another photographer would be stationed there for quite some time. So I texted Emily to meet me at the metal gazebo, but she and Dan left their phones in the car. Totally understandable though because their formal outfits didn’t really leave them a place to hold their phones.

So quite some time goes past and I start to worry that maybe they got lost trying to find their way back to the pond so I started to walk to the parking lot. I make it all the way back to our cars and notice they aren’t there! I start to freak out a little because now I’m thinking to myself “oh my gosh, they are going to think I literally stole her ring!!” so I start to run through the parking lot back to the park.

My camera bag weighs about 20-30lbs so if you would have seen me trying to run with this heavy camera bag on my shoulder you would have found it quite hysterical! Luckily, just a little way back inside the park I saw Dan who was on his way to the car to get his phone so he could call me! After we were all caught up on what happened, we joked about my attempts to steal the ring had failed. Haha!

I had such a fun time capturing these moments for Emily, Dan, and Macy! The session lasted over 2 hours and any time I asked Macy to smile, she did! She is truly just a joy to be around and the love Dan and Emily share is so apparent, you can almost feel it in the images below!

I can not wait for your wedding next year in May at The Mansion at Mountain Lakes! It is going to be such a magical experience for you three and I am so excited to be a part of your wedding journey!!

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