Mountain Creek Resort Mini Wedding During COVID-19 | Ariel and Curt | Ultimate Edge Photography

Curt and Ariel had their wedding planned for July 2nd, 2020 however the Coronavirus and the government shutdowns forced them to have to postpone their big celebration until next year. However, they did not let the virus or the shutdowns prevented these two from getting hitched!

This was my first wedding since November 2019. Yikes! A solid 8 months I went without photographing a single wedding. If you know me, you know that this just broke my heart! My soul lives to photograph weddings so with everything going on in the world, my soul needed this just as much as Ariel and Curt’s soul needed to get married.

Mini weddings are popping up all over the country now and especially in New Jersey because so many couples have had to suffer from their weddings being postponed. Couples are now choosing to still get married on their original date and just have a big wedding celebration next year. I think this is the smartest decision any couple right now could make!

If you choose to host a mini wedding on your original date, this allows you to embrace the love filled moment in a more relaxed environment and be surrounded by the people that matter most to you! Plus, I personally think it will make your new wedding date so much more stress free and more of a celebration than “everything has to be absolutely perfect” type of stress.

Even though Ariel and Curt were not able to have the big wedding they were originally hoping for on this day, it was still filled with such beauty, love, and tears of joy you would have never guessed it was all planned within a month!

Ariel was able to get a second dress that she actually got from a friend who was originally going to wear the dress for her bridal shower. However, the dress wouldn’t work any longer for her friend so she gave it to Ariel! Seriously, you would have thought this second dress was the original because it was so jaw-dropping! Also, all the florals were all from Shoprite, I kid you not! I was so surprised when Ariel told me that all the flowers came from Shoprite because they were just absolutely stunning!

I loved being a part of this moment in Curt and Ariel’s life together and I am now even more excited for their big wedding shindig in July 2021!!

Just look at those ceremony views!

Ring Security… Too cute!!

Can you believe these flowers were from Shoprite!? So beautiful!

Everyone cheering for the new Mr. & Mrs.

Curt gave the most touching speech to not only Ariel, but to both of their son’s. There wasn’t a dry eye around!

Venue: Mountain Creek Resort
Cake and Cupcakes: Mountain Creek Resort and Calandras Bakery
Pretzels: The Pretzel Factory
Pretzel Bags: Etsy Shop Movora
Coffee Cup: Etsy Shop Personalized by Fran
Dress: Fashion Nova
Wedding Face Masks: Etsy Shop MYT US by MYTYUS
Hair and Makeup: Leah Diguilio
Florist: Shoprite

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