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I normally try not to photograph sessions during the summer because of how absolutely hot it can get because it sometimes will kill the experience my couples have, which is a huge no-no for me! Sessions are all about the experience you have, so we can’t have something like boob sweat and pit stains kill that vibe for you! Unless you’re totally into that, then let’s go for it! ?

Danielle and Alex were originally supposed to have their session at the beginning of May when the weather is still super nice. Although, COVID had other plans for us and their engagement session. We had to move their session another 2 more times before we were finally able to make a date in early July work. If you know July in New Jersey, you know it is HOT!

Alex proposed at Longwood Gardens and it is always a favorite of mine because of how stunning the grounds are, but Longwood Gardens doesn’t have the best hours, for photography sessions that is! Ideally, I like to start sessions about 2 hours before sunset or for a morning session, right when the sun will rise. However, Longwood Gardens weekday hours are only from 10 am – 6 pm so during the spring and summer months, when I believe it is at it’s most beautiful, that puts us at a horrible time of day because the sun is so high.

Now for their weekend days, they are open until 10 pm however, their weekends can get so extremely packed, and busy that it makes it almost impossible to photograph a location without having a crowd of people around you! It is one of those bittersweet locations that you either deal with all the people on a weekend or you deal with the harsh sun on a weekday.

For Alex and Danielle’s session, we chose to start immediately when they opened on a weekday, which was our best scenario I believe! There was still a good amount of people but it was totally manageable! The only challenge that we kept facing was the harsh sun that preventing us from being able to venture to more beautiful spots.

Longwood Gardens is one of those locations that is an absolute photographers’ dream! Every corner is gorgeous and photogenic which is hard to find in a location. If only they had the option for a late weekday evening, then this location would be on the very top of my favorites list!

Danielle and Alex handled everything very well though! I mean, all three of us were sweating out of places we didn’t know we had. These two toughed it out with such grace while getting cuddly with each other, I am seriously so proud of them!
You know the thought of holding each other in over 95-degree heat makes you want to cringe!

I can not wait for your wedding at Brigalias next year! Danielle and Alex, your portraits are going to be a totally different, but great, experience because of winter!

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