Summer Engagement Session at Historic Batsto Village | Marissa and Joe | Ultimate Edge Photography

Historic Batsto Village is one of my favorite places to photograph engagement sessions because the variety you can get is insane! Sometimes the gnats can get a little intense so I do recommend bringing some bug spray! We discovered during Marissa and Joes’ engagement session that the gnats really love hairspray!

Batsto Village has that rustic vibe that I love to photograph! I don’t know what it is about rustic things, but I am drawn to it! Literally my whole house has a rustic vibe to it! The nice thing about Batsto Village though is that it is rustic without it being overly rustic (I hope that makes sense!). It also has some amazingly gorgeous sunsets, especially where the tall grass is!

I truly wish I could travel back in time to see what Batsto Village was like in it’s prime. Some of the buildings there are just amazing, such as the one where the vines are going up the side of the building – ugh, so pretty!! There is even a mansion on the property too! During office hours the buildings are opened up so that you can walk inside and see a lot of the old equipment that they used to use!

Marissa and Joe did such an amazing job and handled all the annoying little gnats so well! Sometimes little distractions like those gnats can make the session tough, but these two didn’t let that phase them one bit and they absolutely killed it for their portraits! I mean just check out the gallery below!

Some of my absolute favorite images are the ones on the porch, in the field with the glowy sunset, and with the building with the vines. I am just in love with how dreamy and romantic Marissa and Joe’s images look!

Dress: VICI Dolls
Engagement Ring: Jared

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