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It is official! The new boho-inspired South Jersey Boudoir studio is finished! This lovely lady was the first boudoir session in the new studio space, and I could not have been more thrilled. She absolutely slayed the session like a true goddess! She did a session as a gift to herself but also a gift to her partner for their upcoming wedding. Take some time to read below about her view on the experience.

South Jersey Boudoir Session Review From The Babe

  1. What made you choose Ultimate Edge Photography for your South Jersey Boudoir experience?
    • I love Nikki’s work and she made me feel so comfortable at our engagement photo session that I knew she would make me feel comfortable and do a great job with any other photo session! 
  2. What was your favorite part about your session?
    • My favorite part was just how much fun I had and how confident I felt!
  3. Were you nervous about your shoot?
    • I was more nervous about how I was going to feel once I saw the images but once I saw the images, I was in love! I made sure to get outfits for the shoot that I felt confident in, so that took an edge of nervousness away. 
  4. What are you taking away from your South Jersey Boudoir experience?
    • I am taking away so much confidence and I cannot wait to gift this to my husband on our wedding day!
  5. Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
    • YES! It is such a confidence booster and an empowered moment!

I love reading reviews and recommendations like this from my boudoir babes. Every woman deserves to feel incredibly beautiful! It is scary to step out of your comfort zone but I promise you, it is worth every second of it. The way you will feel after your session is worth more than words can explain.

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