The New South Jersey Newborn Studio – Newborn Shoot

Adriana’s newborn shoot was extra special. This darling was the first baby I photographed in my brand-new South Jersey Newborn Studio! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect newborn to christen my studio space. The calmness and serenity were obvious as Mom and Dad took a well-deserved power nap on the sofa while I documented Adriana’s beauty. And doesn’t she have a lot of hair? Some babies arrive in this world almost needing a haircut, and others are bald. Adrianna’s brunette locks are beautiful and look so cute with a headband.  

Soft blues, creams, and pastel peach shades were the color theme for this baby girl’s photo shoot. Creating the illusion that she was on a swing with fresh flowers was the goal for one set of photos. She looks like she has a nice spring swing in her pretty lacy dress and adorable accessories. Next, we swaddled her and used the flowers again to form a frame around her wee body. The images turned out so sweet and lovely.

You Should Add The Maternity Shoot Too

Almost all of my clients choose to do a maternity photoshoot. Maternity sessions complete the whole first-time parent experience when welcoming a newborn baby into the world. Stephanie, Adrianna’s mama, had a mini maternity session and wore one of the dresses from my client closet. You can view her maternity session HERE.

Adriana was a little gassy and was cluster-feeding, so the session was extended to accommodate her needs. That gas did give us some sweet smiley images, which is always so charming. After the individual portraits were taken, it was time for a family shoot. Cradling their new love, you can see how devoted and in love these parents are. Sweet words, cuddles, and love made this photoshoot just right to mark the opening of my new studio space. 

I imagine all the NJ newborn photo sessions that will happen in my new South Jersey Newborn Studio. I will always remember this first one that couldn’t have been more dreamy, effortless, and joyful simultaneously. Introducing a new member to your family is an extraordinary moment that deserves to be captured in exquisite, everlasting portraits. So drop me a line if you want gorgeous baby photos like this and an unparalleled experience that will forever remain fondly remembered.

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