New Jersey Maternity Photographer With A Client Closet

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Being a New Jersey Maternity Photographer and offering a client closet has been a dream of mine for so many years. I love shopping for dresses that I can’t seem ever to wear, so starting a client closet was easy for me! First, I had a lot of dresses I could add to the closet from my shopping adventures. Luckily for my clients, many dresses still had the tags, so adding these dresses just made sense. Even though I am happy with the variety in the client closet, I want more. It becomes what I was shopping for myself in a specific size to now seeing any dress I like and grabbing whatever size seems best.

Client Closet Style

The types of dresses I tend to lean toward are dusty tones like mauve, pink, sage, and blue. I also love earth tones, so cream and beige are also loved! For patterns, I pretty much stick to anything lace or floral. Some patterns can photograph weirdly. Tight patterns will give the image of what is called chronic aberration. The images below show this example on the husband’s blue shirt. This shirt had very tight pattern stitching, which goes unnoticed when shopping unless you are looking for it! Sometimes it is impossible to avoid this, as the clothing will look fine. Sadly though, this is not an easy fix in editing.

Stress Free Experience

For Stephanie’s maternity photos at Allaire State Park, I was excited when she chose four dresses to try on. Once she saw the mauve maxi dress, though, she knew it was the one. I love being a New Jersey Maternity Photographer With A Client Closet because it makes my client’s life much easier. Taking the stress away from choosing an outfit for mama is one less thing you must worry about. So many moms focus so much of their time ad energy on planning the rest of the family’s outfits that they forget about themself. So being able to offer an array of dresses for mom, I hope, makes your life easier!

If you are interested in inquiring about a session, please reach out HERE!

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