Valentine’s Day Toddler Photos with Maverick

When I tried to google Valentine’s Day Toddler Photos, I had the most challenging time finding anything for inspiration that was boy related. All the images I saw and cute photography setups were designed around a girl. Being a photographer and having a boy has made me think on my toes about setups. I want my photography backdrops to have a cute and charming feel. However, I want the setup to flow with either boys or girls. Luckily, I can design something simple yet charming when my creative juices flow. For example, like this setup below for Valentine’s Day.

Maverick is always my best model for so many reasons. I am training him to get used to being in front of the camera, so he will be used to it when he gets older. That is not my intention; however, if all the photoshoots I do with him get him more comfortable in front of the camera, I won’t complain!

An Emergency Room Visit

Maverick was sadly not feeling his best for these images, though. I planned to capture these images a few days before Valentine’s Day, but the heart-shaped rug I ordered took a bit to arrive. Luckily I finally had everything in hand and set up to shoot the session on Valentine’s Day. Sadly, at five in the morning, Maverick woke up with a 104.4 fever! We rushed him to the emergency room, and he had a middle ear infection. My poor little bubby was so miserable.

After a few days of antibiotics, he started feeling like his usual self again. I decided to tackle the photoshoot after he woke up from a nap. Since he got sick, he only wanted to snuggle or play in his play yard, so I had to give him strawberries to keep him on the set. Mackerick is a chunky toddler and will do just about anything for some food.

Other than him not feeling his best, I think these images are adorable. Hopefully, for others searching for Valentine’s Day Toddler Photos, these images inspire them! I would love to chat if you would like a Valentine’s Day session with your toddler! You can inquire here!

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