South Jersey Newborn Photography with Emma

Meet baby Emma, a darling whose south jersey newborn photography we could stare at all day long. Her solo shots were styled to match the wildflower theme of her nursery. We used soft pink, lilac, and white swaddles, blankets, and wraps to go with the colors of her room. I’m sure a few of these will be printed and hung in her room, while others will be shared with friends and family and saved digitally to be admired online.

Of course, we had to add some florals, and the swing is an often-requested image. It’s so dreamy, timeless, and clever. It can also be used for shooting older babies and toddlers, so I’m open to doing a swing series for parents who want to come back with their little ones as they grow up and into their little personalities. 

South Jersey Newborn Photography Closet

Emma’s outfits were gorgeous. Her button-up onesie looks soft and comfortable and adds headbands and bonnets, and the cuteness factor goes through the roof. You can’t tell from the photos, but she was fussy due to gas and cluster-feeding, so we stopped and started a lot. Patience and moving at baby’s pace during south jersey newborn photography shoots is what you can expect. Because the moment you step into my studio (or I arrive at your home), we are in baby world. We never know what your bundle of joy will be feeling like, but we manage to lull them into that sweet slumber sooner or later. 

One of my favorite images is of Mom’s hands on Emma’s swaddled feet. It shows how tiny she is, and using a shallow depth of field emphasizes those itty-bitty toes. 

Now officially live on the blog, you can get a sneak peek into Emma’s adorable nursery. Her parents have some decorating skills, and it’s a space that was so lovely to work in. While I love my brand-new studio, I also enjoy visiting families at home.

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