Cape May Photographer – Hanna and Kevin’s Engagement

As a Cape May photographer, we look for another lovely journey to Cape May, New Jersey, with our beautiful couple, Hanna and Kevin. Very excited and looking forward to their wedding. They were a total joy to photograph. 

This engagement session started in the gorgeous little town with well-preserved Victorian homes and charming gardens. With such amazing exteriors, we wished we could see inside many of those colorful and photogenic houses with Key West, FL vibes. Hanna looked great in a strapless white dress with heels. Kevin was her smart match in blue jeans and a matching shirt. Yes, heads were turning as these two walked down the street!

Cape May Photographer Photographing…WHAT?!

Lastly, I had time to photograph Hanna’s gorgeous diamond sparkler while they changed outfits. I made a new friend! A bystander who thought it was funny that I was photographing rocks up close. I shared the story of what I was doing, and it all made more sense. Goodbye, curious stranger, and hello, epic sunset. We hit the beach with the couple dressed in summery threads, a hot pink dress for Hanna, and shorts and a shirt for Kevin. These images are my favorite from the session. That soft, defused light and carefree atmosphere was just dreamy. Kissing, hugging, and dancing in the sand, these soon-to-be-married sweethearts were having a blast. 

I can’t wait for Hanna and Kevin’s wedding day, and I will share the magical moments on the blog with you all later! 

Furthermore, I would love to chat and share my portfolio if you are engaged or know someone getting married. It’s never too early to start the conversation about me becoming your Cape May photographer. Engagement shoots are a wonderful way to get to know your wedding photographer. Capturing images for your wedding website, and preserve memories of a blissful time of life that will always be fondly remembered.

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