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There is a New Jersey Family Photography session, and then there is an extended family photography session. When the whole family comes together with grandparents, parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, and cousins, it’s a whole lot of fun, chaos, and good times. Gabrielle’s extended family arrived at the beach with all the essential smiles and high-vibe laughs. 

You might wonder how it can all work with so many people. Don’t worry; I have a magic formula that works well. We take the group shot with everyone first because that is the hardest to capture. Also, in the beginning, the children are interested to know who this outgoing and happy photographer is and if it’s going to be as much fun as their parents promised. 

New Jersey Family Photography Experience

After we get those shots, we deal with the kids. The youngest first since they are most likely to have a meltdown. Then I spend time documenting each family group. In the end, we have time for candid photos with everyone mixed up in any way that happens to unfold. Getting messy in the sand and splashing around in the water at the end was a highlight for the kids and some of the adults. This set way of shooting families creates an organized, managed shoot that achieves a wide range of images.

There are always unexpected moments, like when we found a baby sea turtle. It was lovely to see this kind of nature up close, although sadly, it had not survived being washed up on shore. It was also windy as anything on that day. But we worked around it, and long hair blowing in the wind gave the girls a wild, free look that was perfect for the beach. 

Everyone wore whites, beige/neutral tones, or pastels, which helped make the family photo collection look soft, classic, and summery. 

Family is the thread that weaves our lives with love, memories and shared experiences. Having it all caught in photos is a gift the whole family can enjoy. Are you due to update your New Jersey Family Photography? Fill out the form below for contact me HERE.

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