Newborn Photography Ocean County NJ with Serena

Welcome to the world, baby Serena! Another adorable newborn baby shoot as a Newborn Photography Ocean County NJ was taken at home to document Serena’s first few days with her doting parents. This was the very last posed newborn session I enjoyed capturing! My heart is so full of being able to offer studio sessions now!

Serena was very sleepy during her photo shoot, making it easy to wrap her up and get those precious images. The newborn preparation guide I send clients beforehand helps land in this perfect window for having a sleepy baby. And you probably know those early days, they still sleep most of the time, and then suddenly, around 7-10 days old, they seem to wake up and get very active. I can’t say it enough for Newborn Photography Ocean County NJ, so it’s important to capture those photos as early as possible. Some families even book me for the day they come home from the hospital. 

Newborn Photography Ocean County NJ Props and Outfits

Serena looked gorgeous in various outfits, proving you can have an amazing wardrobe from birth. A delicate white headband accessorized the snuggliest onesie with wooden buttons. We put her in the star-shaped baby basket and surrounded her with lace and textured woolens. She was as snug as she was lovable. Lilac and peach color themes gave the prettiest images; the organic-looking green wrap is fresh and timeless. So are the classic black-and-white images. Who doesn’t adore the black and white images?

We were lucky to get some yawns, grumpy looks, and contented sleepy expressions during this Newborn Photography Ocean County NJ. I love them all!

It was a joy to get to know this family. By kind word-of-mouth, we met. Serena’s parents are close friends of baby Emma’s parents. Imagine the play dates they will have as they grow up. Many beautiful memories to collect over a lifetime of connection, and I was so honored to capture some of their first. 

Soon I will write a blog to share photos of baby Serena with her parents. Prepare to be wowed by some gorgeous images!

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