Twin Newborn Photography with Isla and Aria

Every newborn photographer hopes to book a Twin Newborn Photography session. The sight of two tiny babies snuggled up together could melt anyone’s heart momentarily. So when I heard Isla and Aria were on the way, I was excited to add twins to my photography portfolio finally.

But I’m not going to lie. With it came some nervousness because I know how much work it takes to get one baby asleep. It takes serious planning, skill, and a little luck but we did it! You can see these baby sisters cocooned in their perfect world of baby dreams and sighs from the gorgeous images. 

It took some effort as one baby girl would get all cozy and positioned, and the other would wake up to feed. Next time gas pains might wake one of them right as I started to shoot. But patience is the superpower newborn photographers must have, so eventually, these two cuties were captured in more adorable images than I imagined. 

Twin Newborn Photography Inspo

We used many rich, deep colors like purples and greens mixed with timeless cream shades. I love the image where one baby has her eyes open with a sleepy expression, and the other is still snoozing. Delicate headbands, heart props, and luxury wraps added to the beauty of this dreamy duo. Imagine the fun they are going to have together in life!

Their parents were so happy with their Twin Newborn Photography that they booked a family shoot the next day. That was amazing because I got to shoot in Florida. I was there on vacation and packed up the whole studio for this shoot. Traveling light isn’t my thing; from now on, it will never be this family’s thing either. And for twins, it’s all worth it.

Having twins is a whirlwind, I am sure! But choosing a newborn photographer with experience capturing twin newborn photography is important. If you are interested in a twin newborn photography session, I encourage you to contact me HERE or fill out the form below.

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