Up Themed Session | Maverick’s 8-Month Milestone

Mavericks Up themed session for his 8-months was such a joy to set up and capture! I chose to do this studio session based on the Disney movie “Up” because I think my little man dressed as an old man would be the cutest thing. Maverick looked quite dapper, I must say, in his vest and suspenders! I love doing these sessions for him, and I wish I had started them from month one. However, I did start at six months and have done a shoot every month since, so I suppose that counts, right?!

Up Themed Session Inspo

It took some work to build this set, even though it doesn’t have much detail. The chair I ended up buying from pottery barn and the Disney UP House I bought off of Etsy. I wanted to make sure this theme looked as close to the movie as possible. To be honest, trying to find the chair was darn hard, so I bought the one I got! It was the closest I could find, plus it matches Maverick’s room, so it’s a win-win.

Adjusting To a New Baby

It takes a solid six months to adjust to life as a new parent. This is my excuse for missing those first six months, and I am sticking to it! I did those traditional shots while the baby lay on a blanket with the month circled, so I am not at a total loss.

Slow Down Time!

Can Maverick stop growing so quickly?! I can’t believe my little man is already eight months old today! About a month ago, he started showing signs of crawling, and within the last two weeks, he has been full-blown crawling now. Mav keeps me on my toes, crawling and grabbing anything he can get his hands on. Let’s say parenting and running a business at the same time has become a little hectic!

For Maverick’s 9-month theme, I captured a fruit milk bath session! Worth checking out that blog post! If you are interested in having an Up themed session for your little one, contact me HERE!

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