South Jersey Newborn Session with Winnie

New Jersey Newborn Photographer

This South Jersey newborn session with sweet baby Winnie was an absolute dream. Winnie, whose name suits her so well, was such a joy to capture, and from the moment we met, I was in awe of her perfection. Plus, how about those striking blue eyes capable of evoking joy and melting hearts? We were lucky to see some of her mesmerizing stares before it was time for her to doze off to baby dreamland. 

Winnie’s mama, Melody, wanted simple, clean images focused on her baby, which spoke directly to my heart. We also had that same style for Melody’s maternity session at Barnegat Lighthouse. In fact, the soft pink shades Winnie’s parents wore for the maternity shoot match her baby blanket, so you could say this family has been color-coordinated from the very beginning.

Crisp and Clean South Jersey Newborn Photos

We wrapped Winnie up in a feminine pink wrap first and arranged it in the swaddle style that she instantly loved (we know because she started nodding off). For some, the material was loose and flowy for a more organic image. Winnie was giving us a range of expressions, even as she slept. And when she held onto the woolen knitted bear, I am sure I saw her sigh and smile, or that might have been me. Those little fingernails, chubby cheeks, and a lot of hair had me busy. I took so many photos that I can imagine Winnie will appreciate when she gets older.

With flawless skin and not many blotches that newborns often have, baby Winnie’s photos didn’t need much editing. And were delivered quickly, which was lucky as they were eager to see the images. I am also excited to share them with you since I am still deciding which ones are my favorites. While I love capturing newborns in cute outfits with some props, I genuinely adore a simple style about the newborn’s natural beauty. 

A South Jersey newborn session includes a few outfits, wraps, and baskets. All colors and styles are chosen carefully to keep the attention on the baby. I’m always looking for original items I find in all kinds of places. These places include Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, and Home Goods. Perhaps it’s an excuse to indulge in my love of shopping, but I will never stop looking for the next excellent prop or accessory. 

Signature Style

I’m a huge fan of neutrals, so the images towards the end of this blog post are like my signature look. I love how Winnie looked so precious with her newborn floral headband with the cream and beige backdrops. I am obsessed with how these images look so clean and crisp. Also, you can expect some black-and-white images to be included in your stunning newborn album collection. There is something so classic and timeless about b&w photography. And almost everyone loves it. The color versions are always included too. 

Inspired by beautiful babies like Winnie, I am dabbling with the idea of making newborn headbands. What do you think? It would be a new form of creativity for me to explore in my Tuckerton studio. I imagine all the fashion moments that might unfold every time I go shopping. I get so excited when I see all the fabric and decorative details available. If you think I should get busy with this sweetest fashion idea that would complement my photography business, put your hand up. 

If you are pregnant and are moved by these lovely images of Winnie, perhaps we should connect. Inquire here if you are interested in capturing your newborn’s gorgeousness that changes so quickly. You will be glad to have the sentimental time of those early days captured on film.

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