Allaire State Park Branding Session | Jordyn Kasey Photography | Ultimate Edge Photography

It is so nerve-wracking when another photographer reaches out for a session. I don’t know why, but it happens to every photographer that captures another photographer’s images! For me, I stress over making sure I can wow them and make them feel as comfortable as I do my couples. Most photographers don’t normally like to be in front of the camera, which is exactly why we are the ones behind them! So it is super important to me to make a fellow photographer feel comfortable when it’s their turn in front of the camera!

Jordyn reached out to me to capture some portraits for her website she will be launching in the New Year and wanted some shots that let her clients see a glimpse into her personal life and what it is like working with her. We captured some behind the scene’s images, family portraits with Jordyn, her boyfriend, and their puppets, and headshots of Jordyn too! I think it is super important as a photographer to have a solid “about me” page so that future couples can really get to know you before they even inquire.

Jordyn and I chatted forever about all things photography. I don’t know what it is, but almost instantly when you meet up with another photographer, we start talking shop. Even if we have never met prior which was the case with Jordyn and me! It is so addicting to talk about our work with one another, and honestly, I love it! It feels good to connect with people that understand the importance of our career and the value we take in our couples!

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