Historic Smithville Village Session | Brittany and Michael Marriage Celebration | Ultimate Edge Photography

One of my couple’s, Fliecea and Charles, referred Brittany and Michael to me and I am truly so honored that they did! Brittany and Michael have the type of personalities that just make you feel so warm and welcomed inside. I instantly knew Britt and Mike were my kind of people! We laughed and played so much during their session, it was truly just a magical time together! Britt and Mike have been married for 4 years and I kid you not, the love these two share make’s it seem like they just got engaged yesterday! The way they look at each other is just… pure!

Britt and Mike live in Philly right now, and while they love the city, Britt expressed to me that they wanted a photoshoot to celebrate their marriage but wanted to avoid the typical downtown vibe. I think we hit the nail on the head with their session! Just take a look for yourself at the images below!

We shot their session at Historic Smithville Village which I think matched the vibe they were wanting to go for perfectly. We shot their session in December and during this time of year, Historic Smithville Village decorates for the holiday season which is amazing if you are wanting a holiday photoshoot without the typical Christmas tree farm vibe. Historic Smithville Village strings garland, hangs wreaths, and wrap the trees with beautiful Christmas lights!

However, Historic Smithville Village is not overly Christmas with its decorations. Britt and Mike didn’t want a holiday vibe to their images because they wanted to be able to have the images they print for their home up all year round. So it is totally possible to avoid their holiday decorations during the time of year if you want the same! Just take a look for yourself at the images below!

If you love the holiday vibe or just love Christmas lights, Historic Smithville Village also has a Christmas tree light show on their pond after sunset! You can make a date night out of it by grabbing some food at a local restaurant and watching the light show that syncs with Christmas music! It is definitely a must-watch show every year in our household!

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