Baby Beach Photography with Oaklee

To take advantage of the beautiful New Jersey coastline and epic sunsets, you might consider booking a Sunset Baby Beach Photography Session. This package includes the cutest clam shell prop, individual baby images, and family portraits. The soft light and warm glow kissed the sandy shores. As the sun sets, look lovely and are perfect for your baby’s first photo shoot.

Here are some gorgeous images of the Oaklee and her family enjoying the warm rays at Graveling Point beach. Cocooned in the shell and snuggled in her parent’s arms, this little one could easily be a beach baby in the future. With this early introduction to the beach, she is sure to be having many family beach days. A future of building sand castles and wading in the warm water in the summers to come. Who doesn’t love the beach? It evokes memories of family vacations, school holidays, and summertime fun!

Baby Beach Photography

Mama looks like a beach goddess, hair flowing in the wind, barefoot, and dressed in a summery little black dress. Dad was casual and cool in a white tee with jeans. And our little one was swaddled in soft blues, echoing the colors of the ocean. I love the relaxed vibe of this session and how free and organic the whole collection of images looks. The Sunset Baby Beach Photography Session is amazing if you want to document your baby in a natural setting that is beautiful and timeless. And this coastal baby shoot could easily be recreated in years to come. 

You can see more of baby (insert name) in a future blog post featuring her newborn studio photos. I was lucky to have a double session with this picture-perfect family. Meeting them and documenting their beautiful family moments was a joy and privilege, and I look forward to seeing them again.

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