Family Newborn Session With Baby Nico

A family newborn session doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Baby Nico arrived looking as cute as could be with his dotting parents and siblings, bringing big smiles and loving vibes. The days when my Tuckerton studio goes from being quiet to being filled with coos, giggles, and laughter (and maybe a few burps and farts) are the happiest for me as a photographer. Life must be busy with two young children and a newborn. I appreciate this family’s effort to ensure they documented baby Nico’s arrival. 

Family Newborn Photos

First, we took group photos with everyone. These are always the hardest to get because coordinating toddlers can sometimes be a struggle. Snuggled up on my sofa, the whole family focused on baby Nico sleeping peacefully, wrapped up in his swaddle. You can tell his siblings are absolutely over the moon to meet him. They were so sweet with their adoring looks and affectionate comments about their tiny brother. Next, we photographed all the children together, with combinations and solo portraits. Laying down on a fluffy rug, I caught their happy emotions and darling gestures. Cuddles, kisses, and soft protective touches show these two will be the best big brother and sister anyone could hope for. 

The photos of Nico with his parents are unique because they are so connected and baby Nico. Soft romantic vibes and still baby Nico was away in dreamy baby land. An outfit changed into a white fuzzy creation that was so warm and soft roused him from his slumber. Look at those lovely eyes. Nico is a chilled-out baby and was serene during our family newborn session. There were no crying shots because he was all joy and sleepiness.

Parents sometimes get stressed when their baby starts wailing during a photo shoot, but I always tell them it’s okay. Crying is life, so I like to document the tears, red faces, and all when it happens. Have you looked back at your baby album and seen photos of yourself crying? You pause and smile at those images, so also, when you are at home taking photos of day-to-day life, I encourage you to snap those meltdowns and tantrums. 

Newborn Outfits

Baby Nico has lots of outfits that he will soon grow out of. A baby blue onesie with little ears was a must for the photo shoot. We wrapped him up in some blankets for cute basket shots too. Then, holding onto a knitted teddy bear, he drifted off to sleep again. I wonder if he will always be a good sleeper or if this stage will pass and give his mama and dada some late nights soon. I’m looking forward to finding out next time I photograph this awesome family, who are all so soulful, happy, and beautiful. 

If you want to book a New Jersey family newborn session, I welcome you with open arms to my studio, or I can also come to your home. Wherever is more comfortable for you and your beautiful family, we can capture the most memorable images showcasing your unique family dynamic. For more inspiration, visit my portfolio page

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