DeBois Park Engagement Photo with Olivia and Andrew

This DeBois Park engagement photo session with Olivia and Andrew session is one that I will remember for years! This location is a hidden gem and one of my go-to locations when we visit back home in Florida. It can get jam-packed on the weekends, and it was busy when we went for Olivia and Andrew’s engagement session at DeBois Park in Jupiter, Florida.

First, let us start with earlier in the day when I broke my eyeglasses and needed to try to have them repaired before our session. I found an eyeglass repair lab that could do same-day eyeglass repair. Sadly, it was impossible to have them back before the start of our session. With the timing of our session and the closing of the eyeglass lab, I asked Olivia if we could move our session to earlier. Luckily, they both are so sweetly allowed it!

Luckily to hold me over until I could pick up my repaired glasses, I found an old pair of glasses. Otherwise, I would have had to cancel the session, which was impossible, seeing how Olivia and Andrew traveled 3 hours for their engagement session! These two live in Tampa, Florida but traveled to me on the East Coast to DeBois Park to capture their DeBois Park engagement photo.

Secluded DeBois Park Engagement Photos

I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a secluded spot, but halfway through the session, when they were changing their outfits, luckily, I did! After their outfit change and the start of the second half of their engagement session was when we got to the most beautiful location. The images below look like these two were the only ones on the beach for their DeBois Park engagement session.

After living in Jersey for six years, I have forgotten what the Florida humidity is like, even in December! The beginning of their engagement session consisted of my camera lenses constantly fogging. Similar to eyeglasses, the lens has to have the same temperature as the surrounding air. I just remembered that I had to let my camera gear sit outside an hour before the session. Which caused my lenses to fog up constantly for about 10 minutes. Olivia and Andrew are very patient with me, moving their session earlier in the day and dealing with my fogged lenses!

It Was Meant To Be!

Olivia is from New Jersey, Andrew is from Florida, and he has family in Ohio. If you know anything about me, I am from Florida and now obviously living in Jersey. However, my husband Jason has family in Ohio, just like Andrew! When Olivia told me their relationship story, I learned our similarities with where we grew up and are living now. I knew we would be a perfect fit!

These two are getting married at Renault Winery Champagne Ballroom this year! I can not officially say this year, as we are now in 2023!

This couple is so powerful. They are so sweet together; you can see their love for one another so profoundly! I can not wait for the wedding day at Renault Winery in the Champagne Ballroom! It is going to be such a magical and love-filled day!

If you would like your own DeBois Park engagement photo session, I encourage you to reach out to me here!

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