South Jersey Maternity Photographer featuring Amanda at Allaire

Hi! My name is Nikki, and I am a mama, an NJ newborn photographer, and a South Jersey Maternity Photographer. First, I am thrilled you’ve stopped to read this post about the gorgeous Amanda and her maternity session at Allaire State Park. As a south jersey maternity photographer, I capture sessions at Allaire because of the gorgeous rustic and woody vibe. This park during the week tends to be less crowded and is very convenient, with a large parking lot and on-site bathrooms.

Amanda chose three outfits for her session that showcased a casual, fancier, and belly-out outfit. Her session started at my favorite spot at the park, with the row of trees located within a short walk from the parking lot. We ventured a little further to the first bridge with beautiful glowy light for her second outfit. However, the third outfit and location are my favorite images from this session. As you can see in the last images toward the bottom of this post, her belly-out outfit with open jeans and an oversized sweater is the best!

A State Tropper Approached Us!

In my opinion, Allaire State Park has some of the best glow for woody parks. It was already past park closing when we started to capture these images. A state trooper was doing patrol and announcing over the intercom that the park was closed. He also said for everyone to mark their way back to their vehicles. I went into turbo drive to capture this glow as quickly as possible so we could rush back to our cars. Luckily, the officer approached us and said to take all the time we wanted. With much gratitude, we thanked him and spent about another 10 minutes capturing the glow before it disappeared.

Towards the end of the session, when we were in a hurry, we were focused on just shots with Amanda. Since the officer was so nice to let us take out time, we could also include her husband. I love being able to capture maternity photos with husbands! If you want a maternity session, I encourage you to reach out HERE!

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