NJ Cake Smash Session with Maverick Wilder

First of all, this is such a bittersweet post to be writing for so many reasons! NJ cake smash sessions are so much fun to capture. Who wouldn’t love photographing the cutest babies on the planet and watching them devour a cake?! I love every moment, from setting up cake smash-themed setups to editing the images afterward. Every moment capturing this huge milestone in a baby’s and parent’s lives is what I live for!

First, this cake smash session is of my own son, Maverick, who I can not believe is already one year old! I am biased so, of course, I am going to say that Maverick is the best baby in the world. He was so happy for his NJ cake smash session with so much laughter. Anyone who has met my son knows he is a bit of a chuck and eats anything and everything. Oh, how I dread the day when he decides to get picky with his food! On a lighter note, as usual, he destroyed his Top Gun-themed cake smash cake by Joe’s Bake Shop. Maverick wasted no time digging his tiny toes into his cake, leaving the cutest footprints in the studio.

The second reason this session means so much is that I took these images myself in the studio! I could not be more pleased with how they turned out. Maverick has had a lot of training when it comes to taking pictures. I have been documenting every monthly milestone since six months old, so he has had a lot of time in front of the camera. Be sure to check out his 6-month and 9-month sessions since they are probably my favorite out of all of them!

I knew what Maverick’s NJ cake smash session theme would be, probably since he was about 4 months old. My husband loved the movie Top Gun, and of course, with Maverick’s name being what it is, it only seemed fitting to have a Top Gun theme cake smash! However, the session was not Top Gun but Top One Cake Smash. I dressed Maverick in a fighter pilot jumpsuit and a helmet with eye protection. However, I failed to actually see if Maverick fit into the outfit before the session itself, so it was pretty snug on him! Regardless, he was still adorable.

Finally came the actual smashing of the cake, and surprisingly Maverick was a little hesitant. After we were able to get him to have a little taste, he started going to town! Thankfully even with all the sugar, he ate he did not get sick. This was a fear of mine as I know many babies that devour a cake smash cake can tend to get sugar overload, which upsets their tummies. I did try to prep Maverick with some sugary things about a week before the session, so it was not such a blindside with the sugar. I think doing this helped prevent him from getting an upset tummy. It could also be possible that my child has an iron stomach!

Interested in bringing your child’s NJ cake smash session to life? Contact me here! A New Jersey cake smash photographer that brings your vision to life!

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