Overcast and Windy Engagement Session at Point Pleasant Boardwalk | Santino and Jenna | Ultimate Edge Photography

It was hot ALL day long on Friday with temperatures lingering into the high 70’s or low 80’s most of the day. However, when we arrived at Point Pleasant Boardwalk I swear it felt like the temperature dropped into the 60’s! It was so very windy which made it very cold compared to the warmth we had earlier in the day!

I made the mistake of wearing shorts and a short-sleeve to their session, so I was constantly cold! However, despite Jenna and Santino being cold also they hid their chills very well during their own session! Jenna picked the absolute BEST flowy dress for this windy day too! In the images below you can see how the wind grabbed her dress and just flew with the breeze so beautifully!

Most of the session I was optimistically hoping that the sun would pop out from behind the clouds. Every time I believed we would get a little glimmer of sunshine a heavy dark gray cloud would cover it, playing with my optimism for sunshine!

It wasn’t until 5 minutes before we were to end the session that the sun finally popped out and gave us such an amazing warm glow! At this point in the session, we were literally taking pictures in the middle of the street! I wanted to make sure we captured the warm glow while we had it. A lovely gentleman walking his pup even offered his driveway to us so we could grab a few more variations of this glow which was so nice of him! Some of those images are in the gallery below as well!

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